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The leader in white goods, consumer electronics and entertainment.

Worten is the leading white goods, consumer electronics and entertainment chain in Portugal.  With a wide range of products, entertainment  zones and product trial auditoriums, this brand offers an innovative selection of technological products, backed up by knowledgeable and qualified customer service and by a variety of specialist services, particularly in the after sales service area.

Worten is present in the main regions of Portugal with a network of stores of two different types: superstores, with around 500 m2 of sales area located in Continente Modelo hypermarket shopping galleries, and megastores, with around 2,000m2 and located in the main shopping centres in the country.

Worten is a brand with a strong personality, which attracts customers through the variety of products on sale, always at the best prices, making full use of its innovative flair, friendliness and professionalism of its employees.
To meet the needs and expectations of all consumers, Worten has adopted a new approach with its website, an online store, created in 2001, where customers can buy thousands of articles at the click of a mouse.

In addition to the online link, Worten is also focusing on international expansion with the opening of nine stores in Spain in April 2009. This number has now risen to 33 stores, Canary Islands included, but with the same brand values in both Portugal and Spain: flair, innovation and strong interaction with customers, offering them the best products and services at the lowest prices on the market.

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