100% Portuguese Custard Tart
2017 . Sonae MC
  • Product Performance
  • Challenge
    Development of a new product that can help recover, promote and develop the agriculture and the Portuguese economy. An innovative high-quality recipe, with national ingredients that guarantees a truly distinct quality in the retail sector, based on real attributes recognised by customers.
  • Implementation
    We´ve decided to commit to Portuguese production and to launch a completely national custard tart. Our pastry is the first one in the country with only Portuguese ingredients: besides the flour from Alentejo, it’s produced with Azorean milk and national eggs. An innovative Continente speciality.
  • Results
    Increase in sales
  • Team
    Catarina Simões, Ana Sofia Alves, Carla Costa, Ondina Afonso, Alexandra Alves, Ana Patrícia Lagarinhos, Sofia Macedo, Ana Filipa Gonçalves, Marta Pestana.
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