4G Footwear Wall
2016 . Sonae Sports & Fashion
  • Service
  • Structure
  • Challenge
    The fifth level of the footwear wall at SportZone was too high, making it difficult for customers to access it. The footwear drawers could hold limited stock (6 boxes only in each drawer) and self-service options were not available.
  • Implementation
    Redesign the equipment including the use of plinth drawers, bring all the levels down nearly 15 cm, a reduction in the drawer’s sidewalls, the bottom of the drawers changed to acrylic, increase the stock available in each drawer from 6 to 8 boxes and place a sticker on displayed shoes, indicating to customers that it is possible to open the drawer to find the size they are looking for.
  • Results
    Stores with this equipment installed at the end of 2016
  • Team
    Filipe Rios, Andreia Figueiredo Silva, Diana Pinto, Duarte Lima, Ricardo Barros, José Ferreira
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