Ageing - Manage Stock Depreciation
2017 . Worten
  • Process
  • Challenge
    The data about ageing stock, collected by the financial teams, was not shared with the stock management team with the required regularity. This scenario resulted in reactive action by Worten. Concisely, there was a need of having this information continuously, enabling business to manage it proactively and minimizing the risk of having future provision growth.
  • Implementation
    The solution was for Worten to access this information autonomously and on a weekly basis, obtaining an estimation of the Ageing data and, therefore, being able to take action in order to reduce stock provision value.
  • Results
    - 647k€
    Cost savings in a 3 year period
  • Team
    Hélder Alves, Bruno Saraiva, Inês Castanheira, Ricardo Pires, Mariana Manaia, Gonçalo Correia, Pedro Gonçalves, André Azevedo, Luís Dinis, Eduardo Magalhães.
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