Best Control at Sonae MC & SR - RAID @ Operations
2017 . Sonae CC
  • Process
  • Challenge
    To diminish the high number of manual controls (too bureaucratic, weak, exhaustive and time-consuming) in client returns, price changes in F/O, on-hold sales and voids (6,7M manual controls per year) and the high number of hours spent in these activities by the Operations teams. Growth of small stores without enough resources to carry out all controls.
  • Implementation
    RAID Systematic Controls, with features like the analysis of the exceptions-only and dashboards for the various levels of management, control and automatic monitoring of exceptions in risk transactions, were created to solve this constraint.
  • Results
    Estimated annual reduction of risk of fraud
    Annual reduction in manual controls
    Annual reduction of hours spent
  • Team
    Cláudio Ferreira, Carlos Silva, Ângelo Correia, Amaro Amaral, Lurdes Vilaça, Rosário Vieira, Hugo Silva, João Maria, Júlia Santos, Carla Nora, Carlos Ribeiro, António Januário, Paulo Ferreira, Carla Araújo, Jorge Brito, Sónia Sousa, Margarete Castro, Susana Pinto, Sandra Costa, Alexandra Gouveia, Rita Sousa, Isabel Castro, Susana Francisco, Simone Bezerra.
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