Bio & Healthy
2017 . Sonae MC
  • Brand
  • Challenge
    Consumers are more and more looking for products which fit in a balanced and healthy lifestyle. The need to choose the right products and the search for new healthy habits was the basepoint to create a new concept for the former “Área Viva”, focusing on healthy and bio products. The challenge was to integrate this area within the supermarket, providing, at the same time, the space, comfort, and store experience that this area demands.
  • Implementation
    The concept of this area was designed to enhance customers’ view of the business and to integrate a full experience for them. A 360º plan of action that integrates a whole new branding for the area and an improved shopping experience optimised by a new layout distribution, versatile equipment, new lighting features, and functional communication and purchase process.
  • Results
    Stores reformulated
  • Team
    Sofia Machado, Gustavo Monteiro, Joana Barros, Fátima Valinhas, Francisco Morais, Cristina Sousa.
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