Book in Loop
2017 . Sonae MC
  • Profit Model
  • Service
  • Challenge
    Every year, tons of well-kept school books are thrown in the bin or kept inside a closet gathering dust. At the same time, parents spend a lot of money buying new books every year. This inefficiency causes both environmental hazards and economic stress to families.
  • Implementation
    Book in Loop, a Portuguese start up, partnered with Continente and Note! to gather from families all the used books in good condition. The books are then sold at a fraction of the original cost, with a percentage of that revenue going to families through Continente Card.
  • Results
    Used books gathered
    Value in Continente Card attributed by Book in Loop
    +6000 clients
    Foot traffic
    Media Value Equivalent
  • Team
    Gustavo Alves, Ana Margarida Santos, Andreia Marques, Filipe Crespo, Henrique Lopes, Helia Filipe, Luis Magalhaes, Pedro Pinto, Rosário Almeida, Rui Sousa, Susana Soares.
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