Cake Reservation App
2017 . Sonae MC
  • Brand
  • Service
  • Challenge
    To create awareness about the fact that customers can order personalised cakes at Continente stores and improve the whole process of registration of these requests.
  • Implementation
    The Cake Reservation App was created to simplify this process and enable customers to not only personalise their cakes in an engaging way but also to choose the store where they want to pick it up. By simplifying this process, “Cake Factory” drives both awareness and sales by providing the customer with an interesting experience and improving the order accuracy.
  • Results
    Increase in sales in this category
  • Team
    Pedro Santos, Nuno Fonseca, Luis Monteiro, João Almeida, Catarina Simões, Andreia Domingues, Maria Lurdes Vilaça, Anabela Coelho.
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