Continente App
2016 . Sonae MC
  • Service
  • Challenge
    Develop an application that is easy and simple to use and helps shoppers to save time, a mobile store which captures any client including those without any previous experience of shopping online.
  • Implementation
    App Continente allows Portuguese consumers to shop for their groceries directly from their mobile or tablet. Shoppers just need to drag and drop the products from the virtual shelves into the virtual shopping cart and can easily take advantage of the benefits of Continente’s loyalty card.
  • Results
    Single users
    > 200.000
    Number of downloads
    Representation of the orders from the App of the total orders and growing at a double digit rate
    Screen Views (Year to Date)
  • Team
    Nuno Almeida, Nuno Miller, Carlos Gonçalves, Fernanda Vasconcelos, João Almeida, Pedro Gomes, Renata Sousa, Rui Veloso
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