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    Continente is always beside its customers, striving to present new solutions as well as valuable proposals in addition to increasing supply. By employing new technological and industrial processes, new solutions were tested with trusted partners, thus allowing to propose a wide variety of products with the quality of the brand. From this continuous innovation process we highlight the coffee machine and capsules of the brand Continente, the selection of regional hams, the cheese and ham 50% brand, the Azorean meat in thin pack and the new range of products “Fácil e Bom” (Good and Easy). Additionally, Continente has reinforced its commitment toward the protection of the environment with the expansion of the Ecoproduct range. In this new range of household cleaning products we provide a set of environmentally friendly products that are effective and have pleasant fragrances at very competitive prices. Thanks to the recycling and biodegradability characteristics of these products the Eco-Label certificate is present in most of them.
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