2016 . Sonae MC
  • Service
  • Challenge
    Delivery fees are one of the biggest deterrents for online consumers. In order to address this situation, Continente Online needed to develop a new concept to appeal to more customers.
  • Implementation
    With “EntregaZERO” for only € 26,90, online customers are eligible for unlimited deliveries for a 4-month period. We introduced this concept of intelligent purchase delivery charges where the customer realizes that they are being offered a good deal because they are effectively buying unlimited deliveries, for less than the actual unit price. Customers who choose “EntregaZERO” have special access to upcoming campaigns and exclusive discounts.
  • Results
    + 30%
    Increase in consumer expenditure
    Increase in the frequency of monthly shopping
  • Team
    Pedro Pinto, Liliana Azevedo, Sara Teixeira, Sofia Bessa
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