Future Leaders @ Retail
2017 . Sonae MC
  • Network
  • Challenge
    To develop a programme that identifies and captures talent both internally and externally. This programme needs to be able to prepare candidates for becoming future leaders of modern retail and for being intensive, customised and aligned with the demand of the major business areas.
  • Implementation
    The “Future Leaders at Retail” programme is composed of several phases: 63 days of theoretical and practical training; 113 days of practical training in a specific area; 5 mentoring sessions; 2 networking sessions with administrators; the execution of an individual project with the goal of presenting solutions or improvements related with real and specific problems of Sonae MC businesses.
  • Results
    Applications received
    Internal trainees
    Internal tutors
  • Team
    Paula Abreu, Mariette Azeredo, Carlos Silva, Sónia Afonso, Cláudia Martins, Diana Cruz, Elisabete Ramos, Alexandra Mendes, Ana Ferreira, Hugo Moreira, Filipa Ferreira, Maria João Gomes, Vera Rodrigues, Rita Barrocas, Dina Oliveira, Rosa Gomes.
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