GTMS - Global Trade Management System
2017 . Sonae MC, Sonae S&F, Worten
  • Process
  • Challenge
    International logistics operations supported by outdated systems (for imports) or non-existent (for export) solutions and managed based on manual inputs with redundant tasks and incomplete information, not always shared on time with all relevant stakeholders. This scenario introduced a lack of visibility to the supply chain, leading to higher marketing time, as well as increased logistics costs directly impacting operating margins.
  • Implementation
    Implementation of GT Nexus and the best of breed business processes to enable efficient management of imports and exports across the supply chain, collaborating in real time with a community of buyers, suppliers, logistics providers and customs brokers.
  • Results
    Active suppliers from 4 import origins
    Time reduction of important process management
    Reduction on lost sales for imported goods
  • Team
    Raul Magalhães, Ricardo Campos, Margarida Afonso, Luis Silva, Marina Silva, Flávio Machado, Álvaro Vasconcelos, Ana Maia, Filipe Fonte, Bruno Vale, João Braga.
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