Improving Efficiency in the Fish Distribution Centre
2017 . Sonae MC
  • Structure
  • Challenge
    Guarantee that the Fish Distribution Centre will follow up with the company’s growth and increase productivity by 10%.
  • Implementation
    Development of three new layouts for the Fish Distribution Centre to face the growth of 22 stores per year until 2020. We’ve also made some changes in different areas to reduce the lead time: reception, production, preparation and expedition.
  • Results
    - 42%
    Lead time reduction in reception area
    + 60%
    Increase productivity in production area
    + 50%
    Increase productivity in picking area
  • Team
    Alipio Duarte, Antonio Barros, Deolinda Aguiar, Edgar Costa, Isabel Francisco, José Brardo, Joao Durão, José Casimiro, José Beça, Manuela Lacerda, Nelson Domingos, Pascoal Costa, Rodrigo Charro, Rosa Falcão.
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