Marketing Purchasing Central (CCM)
2016 . Sonae MC
  • Process
  • Challenge
    Design a new process of purchasing with centralized negotiation of products and services, organization of buying information and strengthen the purchasing control in terms of budget execution and documentary support. A simple and flexible process that strengthen the Marketing Department in rationalization of costs.
  • Implementation
    Create an integrated solution that allows to have the best offers on the market in terms of price and quality, new and innovative solutions and information about of the allocation of department resources. The process designed allows a purchase analyses of s in three ways instead of one: 1) Cost Center (Who?); 2) Market Structure of Products (What?) and Projects (what for?). The project started in October’14 and the implementation began in March’15.
  • Results
    Centralized purchases (number of Purchase Orders lines)
    Purchases in the new Marketing Catalogue created
    Reduction of invoices issued before Purchase Orders between 2015 and 2016
    Reduction of rules in a purchase process
    Reduction of Cost Centers
    Buying Orders in SAP Project
    Cost savings in centralized negotiations processes
  • Team
    Liliane Montes Coutinho, Carla Cardoso, Mariza Guimaraes, Paula Gomes, Sandra Santos, Joana Ribeiro
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