Não carregues, manda vir
2016 . Sonae MC
  • Brand
  • Customer Engagement
  • Service
  • Challenge
    Find a modern and effective way to encourage young people to connect with the Continente brand and with the industry as a whole.
  • Implementation
    Improve the experience of being at the Meo SW Festival by creating a virtual supermarket at the festival grounds. We developed a vibrant pop up concept shaped as a giant backpack and we filled it with tablets running our App. The campers just had to fill in their orders and were able to pick them up the next day.
  • Results
    Increase in the number of sign ins compared with the same period last year
    Views on the YouTube promotional video
    People reached through Instagram
    People reached through Facebook
  • Team
    Hervé Marrinhas, Irina Gomes, Pedro Pinto, Renata Sousa, Vanessa Pacheco, Alda Silva, Alexis Fernandes, Cátia Figueira, Gonçalo Oliveira, Liliana Azevedo, Roberto Durão, Sara Teixeira, Sofia Bessa
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