New Concept Worten Mobile 3.0
2017 . Worten
  • Brand
  • Service
  • Challenge
    Adapt Worten to the evolution of the Telecom market, remain competitive and survive its consumption changes when it comes to sales, margin and concept.
  • Implementation
    This project of concept adaptation had four main pillars: new services were offered, such as the on-time repair service; the range of accessories was extended; an area of free hardware experimentation was included; an interactive omnichannel kiosk with 24h delivery and pick-up was developed; Worten’s mobile concept was improved; communication was strengthened; new categories of mobility and connectivity with m3 optimisation were offered.
  • Results
    EBITDA in one year
  • Team
    Luís Correia, Pedro Leite, Miguel Pereira, João Braz, Mário Costa, Luís Costa, Marta Soeiro.
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