Obeya Room Supply Chain Worten
2017 . Worten
  • Process
  • Challenge
    The Supply Chain Development Team had the need to implement a productive way of assuring the follow-up of projects as well as to automatically produce a report to share with stakeholders. The challenge was to create a digital tool to allow an integrated view of the project lifecycle aligned with Matrix X.
  • Implementation
    Obeya Room is a customised solution that was implemented by the BI team. It contains project core information linked with Matrix X and it allows project managers to remotely update their status, enabling the operational control of initiative progress, risk and alert management, the automatic production of reports, the recording of team allocation and calculated benefits.
  • Results
    Decrease of time allocated to producing Status Reports, Meeting Presentations, Communication of risks/alerts
    Total team savings per year corresponding to hours saved.
  • Team
    Sérgio Pedro Costa, Gina Sarabando Casal.
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