Sense Bus and Minilab
Sonae MC
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    In an attempt to make the customers acquainted with the new product ranges, Continente implemented two innovative initiatives: Sense Bus and Mini Lab. The Sense Bus is a laboratory without geographical limitations. A vehicle was adapted to create a preparation area that allows for the transformation of food and the storage of refrigerated and frozen products. In this space, comprising two tasting areas, we gather sensorial feedback from customers regarding the new products of Continente’s own brand. The Sense Bus was present in the parking lots of many stores throughout the summer. To carry out these tests inside the stores we created the Mini Lab. This lab was installed in the shop floor, catching the attention of customers while shopping. With the Sense Bus and the Mini Lab we were able to integrate two realities in one single concept. With na average of 135 daily visits the success of the project was clear.
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