Well's Health Plan
2017 . Sonae MC
  • Brand
  • Service
  • Challenge
    Over 50% of the Portuguese population don’t have a solution to access private healthcare and more than 5 million people need to pay high prices or can’t access treatments, exams and other health & wellness related services.
  • Implementation
    In partnership with AdvanceCare, Sonae has developed Well’s Health Plan – a health plan that is free of charge for Continente Card members, which allows access to a network of more than 10,000 healthcare providers across the country, at significantly reduced prices. Clients will also receive a 15% cashback on the value of the medical service.
  • Results
    + 1.5M€
    Cost savings to Portuguese families
  • Team
    Tomás Ribeiro, José Pedro Breda, Marta Castro, Pedro Meda, Rui Duarte Rocha.
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