2017 . Worten
  • Channel
  • Challenge
    Worten’s sales reward has existed for several years, however, after detailed analysis, certain flaws were detected, such as the lack of criteria uniformity, the lack of transparency, the lack of alignment with the goals of the business, and the fact that the award did not actually reward the best vendors. To be accurate, there was a clear need for change.
  • Implementation
    One of the innovations was the introduction of game dynamics in a business environment. Everything begins with the assignment of the goals in points, and the sales made by vendors are transformed in points to reach the goal. Winners Platform allows everyone to see all of their colleagues’ current status, store rankings, seller rankings, badges, missions to accomplish, team goal progression and individual progression.
  • Results
    Sale increase
    Increase of highly motivated employees
    Increase of motivated employees
    Decrease of low motivated employees
  • Team
    Hugo Neves, Carla Costa, Rui Santos, Inês Castro, Pedro Araujo, Cristina Alcântara, Vera Martins, Sandra Nobre, António Peixoto, Miguel Pereira, Maria do Carmo, José Almeida.
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