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Electronic invoicing at Sonae generates savings of 15 million euros

Electronic invoicing at Sonae generates savings of 15 million euros

End of paper in communications with suppliers offers environmental and economic savings

Since 2005, with the new legal framework for electronic invoicing, Sonae was a pioneer in Portugal implementing the dematerialisation in documents exchange with partners and suppliers, promoting the adoption of electronic invoicing (EDI) as a way to improve the quality of information in business management and optimise time spent in handling documents and information, as well as allowing for economic and environmental savings as a whole.

Thanks to the project developed by the Administrative Services Department (DSA), Sonae managed to improve its ecological footprint, saving over 90 tons of paper, 10 million litres of water and more than 50 tons CO2 emissions every year, in addition to saving 2,500 trees. The dematerialisation of suppliers’ invoices brought about annual savings that surpass 15 million euros, thus contributing to a greater efficiency and productivity in the activities developed by Sonae’s several business units.

Nuno Guerreiro, head of DSA at Sonae, says, "Implementing electronic invoicing in our relations with suppliers and partners was a success and allowed for significant benefits for all parties involved. The teams now manage information and documentation with with added quality, agility and swiftness, which makes their work and the relationship with third parties easier, also generating not only environmental and financial savings, but also effective productivity gains. Today, we are the global benchmark in electronic invoicing implementation with suppliers and partners.”

Every year, Sonae manages over 3 million invoice processes, involving thousands of suppliers and partners. The work developed in this project means that, nowadays, 100% of purchase orders and 99% of external suppliers’ invoices are issued, received and registered electronically.
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