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Probely wins Caixa Empreender Award 2017

Probely wins Caixa Empreender Award 2017

Portuguese cybersecurity startup receives 100 thousand euros in the largest national entrepreneurship and innovation event

The Portuguese startup (, one of the main projects incubated in Bright Pixel, has won one of the most disputed national awards in Venture Capital, in a little less than a year upon being established. This is yet another important landmark in the startup’s growth path, as winning the Caixa Empreender Award 2017 represents an additional investment of 100 thousand euros into the company. is now launching an innovative tool to find and manage security vulnerabilities in web applications, hence contributing to a safer internet and a more protected business environment.

Last year was spent developing and perfecting this solution. In September, it was chosen to represent Portugal at the Websummit, and it also won the latest Lisbon Challenge, one the most renowned acceleration programs.

Nuno Loureiro, CEO of says: "We had the privilege of building our company in a highly specialised and creative environment, together with an elite team with strong ties to the real market, which has brought upon countless synergies with potential future partners and allowed us to develop the right product, reducing risk and our time-to-market. This Caixa Capital award is a special recognition that strengthens our belief that we are indeed on the right path and that we have everything to build a successful company, with the support of investors who will be able to help us through this challenge.”

The team led by Nuno Loureiro is made up of a group of cybersecurity experts with years of experience, as it originated in a strategic investment in this sector promoted by Bright Pixel ( in April 2016.
The founding team has been incubated in the venture builder studio in Lisbon ever since, building their MVP and validating their product with industry partners and potential clients. is now entering a new stage of commercial development, as the product will be officially launched, leveraged on strategic partnerships made possible by Bright Pixel and Sonae IM (

Bright Pixel and Caixa Capital invest in
The 100 thousand euros award represents an additional investment by Caixa Capital into structure. As such, Bright Pixel has announced it will also invest further into the company, thus strengthening its stake and reinstating its commitment to the project and to the team that is leading it to the future.

Additionally, this moment confirms Bright Pixel’s successful innovative model of incubating and building startups. Through its process of identifying market opportunities, attracting talent and entrepreneurs and validating and building products, to the creation of industry synergies and consequent transformation of those efforts into startups, Bright Pixel has demonstrated there is a more robust way to create and launch new companies on the market, seeking to minimise implementation risks from day one.

For Celso Martinho, CEO and founder of Bright Pixel, "this is a very important step for, of which we are very proud, but also for the consolidation of our methodology and the growth of our own project.”
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