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Sonae brings together 400 employees in new building in Spain

Sonae brings together 400 employees in new building in Spain


Sonae reinforces its value proposition as an international benchmarkemployer

The new building in Madrid has over 6,700 squaremeters and will bring together, in 2019, Sonae’s various businesses, currentlyspread around the city.


Sonae has a new address in Madrid, which willbe its first headquarters in Spain, to shelter over 400 employees in early2019. The Iconic Building was carefully chosen for its privileged location,with great accesses and pleasant spaces both inside and outside, to offer thebest comfort conditions to its employees.

Being Sonae’s main international market, thecreation of a unique office in Spain reinforces the group’s positioning in thiscountry, providing better conditions for the current teams and improving theattractiveness when recruiting future employees, to maintain the commitment togrowth in this country.

The building, erected in 2008, is the number21 on Rua Ramirez de Arellano, in the prestigious Arturo Soria borough, closeto other multinational companies. The building belongs to the HISPANIA realestate group and was designed by Rafael de La-Hoz Castanys, Spanish architectacknowledged for his innovative and sustainable works.


Sustainable architecture at the service of acollaborative strategy

The new building, with 6,758square meters, split between the ground floor and seven storeys above theground, will receive over 400 Sonae employees in Spain, namely of Worten,Zippy, Losan, Salsa, S21Sec, WeDo Technologies, Sonae Sierra or Sonae Arauco.

Besides the importantarchitectural value, the building responds to Sonae’s commitment tosustainability, as it is BREAMM certified. This seal is a guarantee that thebuilding’s performance has a reduced environmental impact, with low CO2emission, at the same time as it offers more comfort and well-being to theemployees, through a control of the air quality and the lighting levels, and itprovides a variety of common spaces, both inside and outside.

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