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Sonae retail brands win innovation awards

Sonae retail brands win innovation awards


Continente, Zippy, MO and Note! were honoured at the Excellence Prize – Innovation in Retail ceremony, promoted by APED – Portuguese Association of Retail Companies

Sonae was the great winner of the Excellence Prize - Innovation in Retail ceremony, being awarded 4 distinctions in the initiative promoted by APED, the Portuguese Association of Retail Companies, that seeks to distinguish the best innovation initiatives in retail in Portugal.

Continente, with the Missão Continente project, was the winner of the Innovation and Sustainability category, which distinguishes projects or initiatives that contribute to a low-carbon economy, enhance resource efficiency or promote a sustainable consumption, from a diversified range of products to consumer information, addressing sustainability as an opportunity for growth, competitiveness and innovation.

The Zippy Fashion Line – Mosquito Repellent Product won the main prize in the category of Product and Brand Innovation, that highlights products and own brands that are innovative in their categories and available in the market, providing value, wellbeing and convenience to consumers.

MO was also a winner with the I call MO project in the Customer Service Innovation category, distinguishing services and processes that provide excellent customer service (at point of sale and online channels) and memorable shopping experiences at the stores, online and on social media, covering the entire omnichannel reality.

The Brand Note! Innovation in Backpacks project by Note! was also distinguished in the awards ceremony hosted by APED, receiving an honourable mention in the category of Product and Brand Innovation.

Nuno Lopes Gama, Head of Innovation at Sonae, tells us:

"At Sonae we are committed to Innovation, perceived as the cornerstone upon which we can create competitive and long-lasting advantages that translate into distinctive products, services and shopping experiences across our retail business insignias, contributing to maintain leadership positions and a high level of customer loyalty and satisfaction. Such a categorical and wide-ranging recognition – in terms of competencies and activities – of our ability to produce excellent results in Innovation, such as we have achieved in these APED Awards, constitutes a well-deserved tribute to our imagination and patented execution by both our people and our partners in our open innovation network”.


Missão Continente

Winner in "Innovation and Sustainability”

On the year of its 30th anniversary, Continente launched Missão Continente, the brand that gathers all the social responsibility initiatives undertaken by Continente. Organised around three main areas of intervention  – Awareness, Community and Smile – Missão Continente is dedicated to: raising awareness to the importance of sustainable development, promoting the engagement and active participation of everyone in the community and developing projects that contribute to improve the living conditions of the Portuguese people.


Zippy Line – Mosquito Repellent Product

Winner in "Product and Brand Innovation”

Zippy’s Mosquito Repellent Line is a 100% natural clothing line, non-toxic and biocompatible, totally eco-friendly in its respect for the ecosystem. This innovative technology, making textiles that much more functional, was combined with product development in order to offer the market a unique collection with unmatched benefits. This was the first time a mosquito repellent technology was applied to the textile industry in Portugal, with Zippy being the first brand to offer its clients knitwear featuring this type of functionality. The versatility of the garments (T-shirts, sleepsuits/bodysuits and pyjamas) allows for a 24h/day protection and the fact that it is repellent and not insecticide, makes it absolutely safe, suitable for all ages, from 6-month-old babies to 14-year-old children.

I call MO

Winner in "Customer Service Innovation”

The I call MO project consists of a tablet that allows customers to see which fitting rooms are available, so they can go straight to the one they prefer. Once inside the fitting room, customers can call the sales assistant to take up a hem or simply ask a question, or even have an assisted call with the sales assistant, specifying which size or colour they need by using a tablet with a built-in barcode scanner that can identify the product.


Note! – Brand Note! Innovation in Backpacks

Honourable Mention in "Product and Brand Innovation”

The new backpack range available at Note! invested in distinctive features such as reversible backpacks with two patterns, 2 in 1 solutions – two backpacks into one -, built-in speakers and LED lights. In total, Note! is offering 10 innovative options that include backpacks with same pattern skates, watches, MP4, built-in LEDs, headphones and speakers. This range is complemented with other models with an added perceived value in the form of special pens that can be used to custom the backpacks.

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