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Sonae Tech Hub is the most sustainable building in Portugal and is in the world's top 100

Sonae Tech Hub is the most sustainable building in Portugal and is in the world's top 100

Building at Sonae Campus, in Maia, is a space for innovation which hosts the Group’s technological areas, namely BIT and Sonae IM. Investment in the project was over 11 million euros. 

Sonae Tech Hub, the most recent office building at Sonae Campus, in Maia, was distinguished with the LEED – Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Certification by the United States Green Building Council, one of the most prestigious certification entities worldwide in sustainable real estate projects.

Sonae’s building received the Platinum level LEED Certification, with a score of 89 points, the highest given so far to a building in Portugal, which awards its environmental features. Sonae Tech Hub is, thus, acknowledged as the most eco-efficient building erected from scratch in Portugal and one of the 100 best worldwide.

João Günther Amaral, member of the Executive Board and Chief Development Officer at Sonae, states: "Sonae is committed to Sustainability and dedicated to actively contributing towards achieving the sustainable development goals set for 2030. Sonae Tech Hub, the new building at Sonae Campus, which hosts the technological areas of the Group’s various companies, is an example of this commitment. To be in the world’s top 100 of most eco-efficient buildings is a huge reason to be proud. This building stands out for having been developed and built according to the highest standards or environmental efficiency and for giving unique habitability conditions, besides fostering collaboration, creativity and our employees’ well-being. Moreover, it shows that, if all new buildings erected in Portugal and worldwide follow Sonae Tech Hub’s principles, it is possible to reach all defined sustainability goals and contribute to the planet’s safeguard.”

Sonae Tech Hub, which represented an investment of approximately 11 million euros, is a space for innovation with a gross area of more than 6,900 square meters, divided in four levels above the ground, with a further two underground parking levels. This building promotes proximity and a creative and dynamic environment. Besides the individual work areas in open space, it offers brainstorming and collaboration areas, meeting rooms, leisure equipment and a Go Natural restaurant and cafeteria available to all employees.

In order to promote the transition to electric mobility, the building’s carpark has a set of electric charging stations, as well as an additional set of initiatives which aim at ensuring shared mobility solutions and reducing teams’ displacement. 

Technology at our employees’ service 
According to the LEED methodology, a building can only be deemed "eco-efficient” if it is able to provide its occupants with a healthy, comfortable and attractive interior environment, without penalising more than strictly necessary the exterior environment. Worldwide, only 50 thousand buildings developed from scratch were able to achieve a LEED Certification, with Sonae Tech Hub being among the 100 with best score all over the World.

The environmental principles adopted since the project’s initial phase gave a vital contribution to the high levels of eco-efficiency achieved. They have influenced the architecture that favours natural light, as well as the reuse or recycling of construction waste and stake on sustainable materials (among them those developed by Sonae Indústria and Sonae Arauco) or equipment that register a higher performance as far as the environment is concerned.

Sonae Tech Hub benefits from 570 square meters of solar panels, which allow for a 40% reduction in electricity consumption, 100% LED low consumption lighting with automatic regulation according to exterior light, efficient water consumption with reuse of pluvial waters and a concept that favours an excellent interior environment, namely as far as air quality and temperature comfort are concerned.

Sonae has four certified buildings, having made history in Portugal and worldwide 
Sonae’s stake on the development of buildings with high level of eco-efficiency is already more than 10 years old, nowadays with four buildings certified by USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council), among offices and food retail shops.

In 2010, Sonae Maia Business Centre, as a new building, received the Gold level LEED certification, then the highest given to a building in the whole Iberian Peninsula. Also located on Sonae Campus, in Maia, this building hosts fashion businesses by Sonae Fashion, as well as Sonae MC, Sonae FS and Sport Zone teams.

In 2013, the Continente Bom Dia São João da Foz shop, in Porto, as a pre-existing building, became a reference when it received the Platinum LEED distinction.

In 2017, Continente Matosinhos, also as a pre-existing building, received the Platinum level LEED certification, being considered the greenest hypermarket in the world.

Sustainability is a long term commitment for Sonae
At Sonae, we are totally committed to a long term vision, and the need and urgency to go beyond economic value generated by our businesses. To contribute that way to overcome some of the most urgent environmental and social challenges of our era is a purpose shared by the Group’s companies.
Our plan to improve our performance as far as sustainability is concerned stands on five areas of strategic operation: CO2 and Climate Change, Plastic, Nature and Biodiversity, Inequality and Inclusive Development and Community Support.

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