Young Talent Programmes

At Sonae, we invest in capturing any high potential: internally, by encouraging a mobility culture that allows our people to grow, and externally, by relying on different young talent integrating programmes, designed to accelerate the development of competencies that are crucial for personal and professional growth.

Through our programmes, we are committed to maintaining a close relationship with students from the moment they enter University, while also contributing significantly to their training by providing them with an offer that is aligned with every stage of their university career.

Well aware that today’s young students are th leaders of tomorrow, we strive to work in partnership with educational institutions anticipating development and training needs within the academic community, even before reaching the labour market.

The Contacto Programme, intended for young undergraduate and master’s finalists as well as recent graduates, aims to attract and integrate, within the different Sonae Companies, young talent with different basic training, who aspire to have access to the best leaders and wish to develop ambidextrous competencies, while also cultivating an extensive business network.

Since its creation in 1986, Sonae has already received over 40 thousand applications for the Contacto Programme, which has led to the selection and participation of over 4,500 young people of different fields of expertise and nationalities in the Contacto Day, of whom hundreds eventually joined the ranks of the Sonae Companies.
The application process to the Contacto Programme encourages candidates to participate by submitting their take on a challenge that is subject to a different theme for every edition, with the purpose of understanding what these young students think about a specific topic. Following a preselection process, the selected candidates are invited to participate in an Assessment Day where they can prove their talent by engaging in several dynamics such as group tests, one-to-one interviews, among others. The final stage of the process ends with the Contacto Day, when those chosen to undertake an internship at Sonae Companies will have the opportunity to be in contact with Sonae’s top leaders and learn about our culture and values.

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The Call for Solutions is an open innovation initiative that invites master’s finalists from the best Portuguese and Spanish universities to undertake an internship at one of Sonae's businesses, contributing with innovative ideas and solutions to solve specific challenges. Organised in two annual editions - one every academic semester - internships have a duration of four to five months, which serve as a basis for the master's dissertation.

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The Call for Summer is a summer internship programme that lasts between one to three months (July to September), where undergraduate and master’s students are invited to participate in projects put forward by the different business units. This is a privileged opportunity to approach the job market, as this is often the first time these young students have contact with the business world.

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