Backhauling Programme

2019 . Sonae MC
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Promote increased efficiency in transport services
Through this initiative, Sonae MC’s logistics department provides its suppliers with a transportation service along the routes that our trucks would otherwise return empty. Thus, we attain a significant reduction of routes travelled with empty trucks, both of the stores’ supply fleet (upon return after the last delivery) and the suppliers’ fleets (after delivery at the warehouse). 
In 2019, under the remit of the Backhauling programme, more than 25,000 trips were made (+40% compared to the previous year) and this resulted in a net saving of 3,581,837 km for our suppliers (+200% when compared to 2018), which corresponds to a total of 2,794 tonnes of CO2e emissions avoided. The transport provided under the Backhauling programme already represents 18% of the total trips carried out by Sonae MC’s logistics activity.
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