Board of Directors

Duarte Paulo Teixeira de Azevedo
Executive Chairman

Has held this position since April 2015.

Ângelo Gabriel Ribeirinho dos Santos

Executive Director

Holds this position since April 2015.

José Manuel Neves Adelino
Non-Executive Director

Until 2014, he was Director of Finance and Investment of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

Andrew Eustace Clavering Campbell
Non-Executive Director

Since 2014, he has been Director of Campbell Associates Consulting Ltd. 

Christine Cross
Non-Executive Director

Non-Executive Director of Woolworths (Australia) PLC (PPC Chair, since January of 2012), Kathmandu (New Zealand) PLC (since December of 2012), da Brambles (Australia) PLC (since January of 2014) and Fenwick (UK, since October 2014).

Tsega Gebreyes
Non-Executive Director

She is Founding Director and Managing Partner of Satya Capital (since 2007).

Marcelo Faria de Lima
Non-Executive Director

Since November of 2013, he has been Member of the Board of Directors of TRX Investimentos Imobiliários S.A. (São Paulo, Brazil).

Margaret Lorraine Trainer
Non-Executive Director

Non-executive Director and from 2014 Chair of Remuneration Committee of Essentra PLC
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