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Support colleagues who present medical restrictions that prevent them from fully performing their functions.
‘Desafia-te’ is a programme directed at Sonae MC’s logistics and production centre colleagues, who due to a medical restriction, are unable to completely perform the function for which they were hired. 

Through a project that is intended to be flexible, simple and easily-accessible, colleagues that find themselves in this situation are identified and asked to be part of a skills assessment process, so that we can know them better, and later place them in a Talent Pool.

This in-depth and multidisciplinary assessment of our colleagues’ profile allows us to identify internal mobility opportunities or to develop professional retraining solutions tailored for each colleague.

Concerning the alternatives of a professional career presented to our colleagues, all support and preparation for a possible change is ensured, namely through the implementation of development plans that aim at training colleagues to perform new functions that best suit their physical condition.  

Throughout the entire process, a close and thorough follow-up of the development plans and integration into the new functions are carried out, concluding the process with an assessment. 

The ‘Desafia-te’ programme also has a preventive aspect, namely at the level of the development of ergonomic studies that allows each work area to be characterised and in the area of occupational health that strives to ensure the good physical and psychological condition of colleagues, beginning at the time of their admission and throughout the entire life cycle of their time at the organisation, in order to minimise professional risks and injuries and to reduce the negative impact on a colleague’s capacity to work. With these measures and by investing in new equipment aimed at reducing the manual physical effort required to perform each function, we are also reducing the negative impact on a colleague’s capacity to work.  

In order to achieve these objectives, a broad and diversified set of actions is underway such as: the creation of a new IT portal for Occupational Health that provides easier access to more information and automatically notifies human resources every time a situation with medical restrictions is identified, as well as accessing a map of indicators; standardisation and revision of the medical services that are available and their schedules; and the development of ergonomic studies and healthy living promotion actions for logistics and production centre colleagues.

  • 39 colleagues have already joined the programme;
  • 11 colleagues have completed their reallocation.

Cláudio Meneses, 29 anos
I feel good… the colleagues that welcomed me are nice people… the company is giving me a new opportunity.
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