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Promote the benefits we offer our colleagues.
In order to contribute to the motivation and satisfaction levels of our colleagues, we have developed several partnerships that offer our colleagues and their families the opportunity to enjoy a set of exclusive advantages. 

In 2016, we felt we needed to collaborate more closely with our teams. In this way, we were pioneers in Portugal, in the implementation of a micro-site and a web platform that allows each colleague, not only to access and consult all of the advantages and benefits available, but also to more easily enjoy the discounts offered on a variety of goods and services, thanks to the protocols established with various entities. The easiness of accessing the website and the application developed for this purpose, also ensure the continuous update of Sonaeā€™s benefits and advantages. 

As one of our main concerns is to ensure the well-being and health of our people, we offer our colleagues and their families the opportunity to take advantage of discounts at gymnasiums and in relation to sports activities, life insurance, schools and language institutions, as well as various cultural activities, among others.
  • More than 50,000 colleagues benefitted from these advantages;
  • Approximately 30,000 visits were made to browse the offers available;
  • More than 50% expressed a desire to make a purchase;
  • 220 partnerships were established
Rui Coelho
The platform is straightforward, users of the site can easily access the most varied discounts and, for this reason, I think it is a very user-friendly site. I believe every colleague should use it.
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