Pixels Camp
2016 . Sonae IM
Gain acess to talent in technological areas to anticipate the future needs of our customers through the devolpment of new solutions.
In October 2016, at the LX Factory in Lisbon, Bright Pixel, a company which is part of Sonae IM’s portfolio, carried out the Pixels Camp, an initiative that brought together companies, students, enthusiasts and people interested in technology with some of the best national and international experts.

Through workshops and innovation challenges, this initiative was developed with the purpose of promoting a closer contact between the technological community sharing knowledge and looking for creative solutions that could contribute to improving people's daily lives. In order to stimulate the creativity of the participants, Pixels Camp included conferences, workshops and an innovation contest on the main topics of the agenda, where subjects like sustainability and Big Data were not forgotten. More specifically, there were presentations available on Predictive Analysis and New Digital Architecture, as well as their e-commerce Apis and Business Intelligence (BI) data sets, presenting the community with a challenge and promoting their conversational commerce and machine learning prototypes

  • 3 "non-stop” days of conferences and workshops on emerging technologies and a programming marathon;
  • Approximately 1,000 participants;
  • 100 speakers.

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