‘Somos Sonae’ Programme
2016 . Sonae
Support our colleagues and their families at their most vulnerable times.
With the aim of providing support of an exceptional and temporary nature to colleagues who find themselves at risk and in vulnerable situations, we have the ‘Somos Sonae’ Programme, in place since 16/09/2013. It is an initiative developed in partnership with the Portuguese Red Cross, supported through the ‘Portugal Mais Feliz’ project.

A highly specialised and multidisciplinary team, which is external to the organisation, is mobilised to analyse any requests for support received from our colleagues. After the initial assessment, a support plan is developed and implemented, designed according to the specific situation of each of our colleagues
In this sense, the kind of intervention provided is very diversified and ranges from legal advice, financial advice, the management of family finances, health, basic goods and services and any other type of help should it be deemed necessary and appropriate.

All processes are managed and monitored to ensure the privacy of colleagues and their families.
In 2016: 
  • 111 colleagues supported
  • 237 people reached | 97 adults + 140 children*
  • 159,503.20 € invested.
Since the Programme was first established:
  • 411 colleagues supported
  • 818 people reached | 341 adults + 477 children*
  • 499,005.74 € invested.
* excluding colleagues
Daniela Costa e Alexandra Leitão
The ‘Somos Sonae’ Programme is undoubtedly a unique experience for those, who like us, are involved in the area of social work, and who so often, experience the frustration of not having the means to support people in situations of vulnerability, a situation in which any one of us, could suddenly find ourselves. The ‘Somos Sonae’ Programme is itself testimony that with perseverance, ambition, trust, commitment and belief, it is possible to build shared solutions that enrich us all and make our days happier. So many happy and inspiring stories to tell. But we know they exist, they are real, and we are very proud to be part of them in some way. To all colleagues, our most sincere thanks! To Sonae, thank you for all your support. We may not touch the moon or change the world, but we are happy to help change lives every day. Together ‘Somos Sonae’. The Portuguese Red Cross| Portugal + feliz | Team ‘Somos Sonae’
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