2016 . Sonae MC
Combat food waste and give economic, social and environmental value to unavoidable waste.
At Sonae MC, preventing food waste is a cause shared by different areas, throughout the value chain. An effort that has long been present within the teams, who are already aware that about 1/3 of the food produced is not consumed.

In 2016, with renewed ambition, the ‘Transformar-te’ project set about trying to reduce and value this loss, through a range of diversified actions that are comprised of 3 axes of action: reduce, reuse and recycle.

Depreciating products which are approaching the end of their expiration date, promoting repackaging when any parts of a unit are not commercially attractive, or lowering the price of cooked products at the end of the day, to boost their disposal, are examples of simple actions that contribute to the reduction of waste. When we donate products to social institutions, or make them available in our social areas, we are promoting their reuse. When we extend the life of the products, transforming them, internally or externally, following the logic of the circular economy (production of animal food from fish waste, production of energy from waste, or the production of chutneys from fruits and vegetable waste) we are promoting their recycling.

An important awareness campaign among our customers, with initiatives such as World Food Day or the production and distribution of Mission Continente’s Guide to Combating Food Waste, are examples of some of the campaigns being promoted.

A concerted effort is being made as, in Sonae MC, we believe that what is a loss today, tomorrow can be perceived as added value to the economy, society and the environment.
  • Food Donation to over 620 institutions;
  • Celebration of World Food Day;
  • Distribution of 500,000 copies of the "Guide to Combating Food Waste”.

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