Universo Card
2016 . Sonae FS
Improve our customers' shopping experience by providing integrated benefits with a network of partners and multiple payment options.
Launched at the end of October 2015, it brought together the various customer and payment cards of the Sonae insignia into a single card, and added the benefits of a universally accepted MasterCard, with no annual fees. The ‘Universo Card’ integrates the loyalty programmes of the various brands, that is, it has brought together in one instrument, the Continent Card, the Worten Resolve Card and the Sport Zone Card. The ‘Universo Card’ also has an innovative feature that consists of allowing the Customer, for each purchase to choose from a set of payment methods directly at the payment terminal.
12 months after its launch, the ‘Universo Card’:
  • Has reached more than 400 thousand customers, thus ensuring a strong position in the payment methods available in Portugal;
  • Used in 128 countries;
  • Promoted 8 campaigns, which combined the payment and discount platform, both within the store and externally.
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